First Impressions: Fantasy Life

What’s that?  Is this a post from Pseudo Gamer Girl??  It is!


Greetings, Pseudo Pstalkers!  I’m finally back online after a two (or three?) week hiatus.  In that time, I finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, I loaned out my computer, and I bought a new game called Fantasy Life.  These things are all related in some way: even though I want to write a review for PLvPW, my boyfriend needed/needs to borrow my computer to do his college homework (because my computer is magical and his is not), thus leaving me computerless for the past few weeks.  Indeed, I am writing this post from my phone.  But it’s alright – besides being unable to make a new post, I’ve been perfectly fine without a computer.  I’ve been watching Netflix on my Wii U, working on a new costume, and I’ve been playing a new game called Fantasy Life.  While I wait for my computer’s return, I figured I’d put off the PLvPW review and write a new type of blog entry instead.  So here’s the first insallment of First Impressions featuring the game Fantasy Life.

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