First post from a no-name gamer

Hello, WordPress world!

My name is Bailey and this is my new blog, which I am dedicating to my thoughts and feelings on the video games that I love.  My honest hope is that I will improve my ability to write opinion articles about video games and other things that relate to my hobbies and interests.  I also hope to improve my understanding of WordPress through this blog; WordPress seems to be a pretty important platform for news and entertainment these days, after all!

In any case, I hope that I can provide readers with entertaining and interesting articles on this blog.  I also welcome any and all comments!

I guess I’ll also reveal a little bit about me.  My name is Bailey, a recent college graduate with an English major and a Creative Writing minor.  I love to write and read fiction, but I think I play more video games than I do read or write… for better or for worse.  Haha.  I am currently searching for a job that will utilize my major, and a job that also utilizes my interest in video games would be even better!  (Good luck, right?)  I am also a new cosplayer – I have been making my own cosplay for about a year now – and I enjoy interacting with new people at conventions.  Other random facts include:

1. My favorite color is green, but I hardly wear green.  I think I wear blue more.

2. I am short and small, but I am probably older than you think.

3. I actually think the Gamecube is awesome.  It hosted the games Kirby Air Ride and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, after all!

4. My first-ever anime crush, and my first-ever cosplay, was Kenshin Himura.  I bought the costume off ebay when I was around 14 years old.

5. I usually never name my character after myself in a video game.

So that’s a little bit about me!  Comment if you have questions or remarks. 🙂  And I suppose I have a question for anyone else out there:

~ What’s your dream job? ~

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “First post from a no-name gamer

  1. I don’t name my characters after myself too, cause it feels weird if I do. Though for online FPS’ I use the same username if it is not already taken 🙂

    My dream job is to write fiction full time and be my own boss. Haha!


    • Haha, especially if the character doesn’t even look like you! Even in games with customizable avatars, I like to create new people with new names. And I don’t play a lot of FPSs, but it makes sense to reuse a familiar username. Though I’m so indecisive about usernames; I have about 10 different aliases online right now! xD

      That sounds like a great dream job! Good luck. 🙂


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