Life Update: Apologies! Vlog setback

Heya, Pseudo Pstalkers!  Thanks for being patient with me as I work on making my next blog post. I recorded a bunch of footage for a new vlog post (my first ever!), but the footage ended up being sub-par.  I tried to film myself playing my 3DS, but the screen doesn’t look as clear as I wanted it to look.

So, instead of a vlog post featuring my playing the 3DS, I’m just going to vlog my opinions instead.  Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to record myself anew, and that may take a little time just because I’m quite busy.  In addition to this, (and in addition to my two jobs,) Anime USA is this coming weekend!  While I’m super excited, I’m not yet prepared for the convention!  (Help meee!)  My costume isn’t very complicated, but it still needs some work.  But I’ll be happy to post some pics of my cosplay here for you all!

Thanks again for sticking with me.  I’ll hopefully learn to balance my time soon so I can keep posting articles here.

In the meantime, please comment with any suggestions you have for future blogs/vlogs!  Is there anything you would like me to do?  Let me know!


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