Vlog: Super Smash Bros for 3DS Opinions

MAN.  I am sorry this vlog took so long to make!!!  I am quite bad at editing videos… and I am quite bad at making them interesting…  but I am very good at self-deprecation!  Haha.  (But seriously, this blog might be better as a podcast.)

I made this vlog post so you can decide whether or not to buy the new SSB game for the 3DS, which technically came out yesterday, even though my vlog says it came out today… hehe.  I should also make a PGG YouTube channel.  Meh. It’s late, I’m tired, and Anime USA is tomorrow.  So… not tonight.



Did I accidentally do things that look inappropriate?  Is my voice squeaky and scratchy at the same time?  Is my advice useless and unfounded in anything besides my basic understanding of the game?  Let me know!


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