Life Update: Anime USA pics, current games, and future cosplays!

Pseudo Pstalkers!  Are you still there?  If you are, you’re the best!  Thanks for waiting around for a new post; I’m sorry it’s been so long since I updated.  I think that vlog took a lot of energy out of me – and it wasn’t even that complicated, haha.  I think if I do another vlog post, I will try to use a better camera and maybe fashion a better backdrop besides my bedroom closet.

As you can see from the title, this is just a long-overdue life update post.  I attended Anime USA a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun!  I definitely had more fun than I thought I would, especially because I made some new cosplay buddies along the way.  (That’s always a super plus!)  Because I had some issues with my “Last Night, Good Night” Miku cosplay, which I had originally planned to debut at the convention, I decided to cosplay as Nowi from Fire Emblem: Awakening again instead.  It was a good decision: my boyfriend, Chris, (who went as Owain) and I were recognized by a lot of people at this small convention, and we got to meet other Fire Emblem cosplayers, who turned out to be awesome!  I am very bad about taking pictures so I don’t have that many, but here are a few:

Photo by Michael P Downey (Facebook).

Photo by Michael P Downey (Facebook).

Here’s a picture from a mini Fire Emblem meetup we had!  Everyone was great – the cosplayers who were Walhart and Aversa (right) even played Pokemon: Sorry! with me and Chris!

Photo by Danny Inthasoroth (bukdanny on Instagram).

Photo by Danny Inthasoroth (bukdanny on Instagram).

This is a hall shot of my Nowi cosplay!  My wig looks much yellower under fluorescent lighting than it does outside.  And I gotta start working on those abs, haha!

Photo by Danny Inthasoroth (bukdanny on Instagram).

Photo by Danny Inthasoroth (bukdanny on Instagram).

Here’s a picture of me and my friend, Joyce!  She now has a cosplay page on Facebook: click here.

Finally, this is Chris with a Lissa cosplayer.  She was very sweet and her costume was great.  Chris’ costume was made in three days, so there are parts I could definitely improve, but I might forgo that in favor of creating a new costume for him!

My next convention is going to be MagFest in January.  I’ve never attended before, but my friend, RedSonya, says it’s fun, so we’re going to do a group cosplay.  I am going to try my hand at armor-making with a Cordelia cosplay (because Fire Emblem never gets old) and RedSonya is going to be my dearest Severa.  It should be a great experience, and I’ll be happy to share the results with you all!

On another note, I am currently playing Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.  I am pretty competent with the Professor Layton portions of the game, but I’ve never played Phoenix Wright before and it takes some getting used to!  I’ve played for about 5 hours so far, but the going has been a little slow.  Still, I’ll try to buckle down and get through the game so I can make a review!

Thanks for being patient with me, and thanks also for following!  Here’s to hoping for a great future in playing, cosplaying, and writing about video games!

Do you have any requests for upcoming posts?  Your suggestions could help generate more frequent updates!  And I’d love to hear from you all, so please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!


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