First Impressions: Fantasy Life

What’s that?  Is this a post from Pseudo Gamer Girl??  It is!


Greetings, Pseudo Pstalkers!  I’m finally back online after a two (or three?) week hiatus.  In that time, I finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, I loaned out my computer, and I bought a new game called Fantasy Life.  These things are all related in some way: even though I want to write a review for PLvPW, my boyfriend needed/needs to borrow my computer to do his college homework (because my computer is magical and his is not), thus leaving me computerless for the past few weeks.  Indeed, I am writing this post from my phone.  But it’s alright – besides being unable to make a new post, I’ve been perfectly fine without a computer.  I’ve been watching Netflix on my Wii U, working on a new costume, and I’ve been playing a new game called Fantasy Life.  While I wait for my computer’s return, I figured I’d put off the PLvPW review and write a new type of blog entry instead.  So here’s the first insallment of First Impressions featuring the game Fantasy Life.

Fantasy Life is advertised as an MMORPG for the 3DS with a wide variety of customizations and possibilities.  The game has received widely positive reviews: IGN gave the game an 8 out of 10, MetaCritic analysts a 73, and MetaCritic reviewers a 91.  While looking for a CD, I came across the game at Best Buy, remembering some news coverage on the upcoming release.  The positive online reviews urged me to purchase it, so I put down $40 and started my game.

After I turned on this game and pressed Start Game on the title page, I was off-the-bat skeptical because the music was sort of silly and childish.  I knew the game was rated E 10+, but the MMORPG brand on this game led me to believe I’d be hearing a dramatic orchestral ballad, not a cutsey diddy featuring some windy instrument, a funny tooting horn, and an accordian.  (Of course, I had clearly set my bar unreasonably high, so that one’s on me.)

Even though the initial music was offputting, the many customizable features quickly hooked me to this game. Obviously the character customizations and the 12 possible classes give you plenty of ways to play, but there are even more avenues for you to choose your own adventure. The main quest leads you on a playful and humorous journey with a talking butterfly; side quests help you gain Dosh (money), items and experience. Home decor and fashion are also features in Fantasy Life, which, as an avid Animal Crossing fan, makes this game ten times more fun.


Besides the cheesy intro music, the only downside I’ve encountered is that the intro is rather slow with all its dialogue and tutorials. But once I powered through the prologue, I really began enjoying this game. It offers flexibility and customizability along with a fun combat mode and enjoyably light humor.

Stay tuned as I continue to play this game! I have yet to use the multiplayer mode, so I hope to do that soon! Thanks for sticking around, and thanks for reading!


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