Praise for Princess Daisy

Today’s post is dedicated to my most favorite and beloved Mario character: Princess Daisy.  I have been maining Daisy in the Mario spinoff games for years, even as early as 2003 in Mario Kart: Double Dash, and though my initial interest in Daisy was probably unfounded, there are many reasons why I have stuck with her for over 10 years.  She’s the spunky, tomboyish, orange princess that I think is often overlooked in favor of the pretty blonde princesses, Rosalina and Peach.  True, Daisy isn’t as elegant as either Rosalina or Peach, (and the similarities between these two is, admittedly, rather uncanny,) but Daisy is a unique character with many special and purely awesome qualities.  Allow me to name a few.

1.  She can really wear an orange dress.  According to Wikipedia, Daisy had been established as a tomboy even during her debut appearance in Super Mario Land.  Sure, she still wears the long dress, the crown, and those ridiculously gaudy flower earrings, but that orange, orange dress really breaks from the princess norm.  It clashes with her hair.  It clashes with her jewelry.  But at the same time, she totally pulls it off.  Daisy reminds me that orange is never out of season.

2.  Her voice is not that of your average princess.  While Rosalina and Peach speak with their royal princess drawl, Daisy’s voice is casual, somewhat nasally, somewhat country, and totally awesome.  I’ve seen those who prefer the voices of either of the two blonde beauties mentioned above, (they are apparently “sexier” than Daisy’s voice,) but personally, I don’t want a girl who rises to the top based on sex appeal.  I want a girl with confidence and spunk, and these are two things you get just by listening to Daisy’s voice.  Just listen to her when you win first place in Mario Kart 8, cheer with her and agree as she says “I’m the best!”, because she is the best, hands down.

3.  Luigi’s her man.  You might think this makes Daisy awesome by association.  This is not the point.  The point is that Luigi – quirky, clumsy, and all-around adorable – and Daisy are a pair.  Mario and Peach are one thing: cookie-cutter.  He’s the noble, valiant, and brave hero, and she’s the beautiful, desirable, pink damsel in distress.  Daisy and Luigi are different.  They’re the anti-hero and anti-princess pair, the couple with the blushing man bashfully accepting a loud and confident peck on the cheek from his loud and confident woman.  She’s the one who drags him along, and he likes it that way.  Maybe it’s just me that loves this quirky pairing of unconventional underdogs, but I think their non-cliche love is something to be shared with and loved by the world.  (Yes, the world.)

4.  She’s well-rounded as a character.  Like Mario, Peach, and Luigi, Daisy’s stats in many of the Mario spinoff games are described as well-balanced.  This means she is balanced in all areas (usually speed, weight, power, and the like) without sacrificing any area of expertise.  Daisy’s well-roundedness is true not only of her game stats, but also of her entire character.  She is girly, but not excessively so.  Her bright but sassy personality also balances her as a character.  She’s sweet, but can be a snobby winner and a sore loser.  These dynamics do not detract from her character; instead, I think they enhance it.  Despite having hardly any semblance of a backstory or motivation, she is (and please bear with the upcoming cliche) one of the most real and genuine characters in the Mario franchise.

If you were a Peach-loving, Rosalina-doting, Daisy-hating gamer before reading this post, I hope you have now totally converted to Daisy-ism along with me.  If you haven’t, just know that you’re missing out.  (To be honest, I actually do love Peach and Rosalina, and there are some other great Mario females who were left out of this post, including Toadette and Wendy O., that I should now admit to loving as well.)  I could continue to rant about how much I adore Princess Daisy, but I’ve decided to leave the rest of the adoration up to you.  Play as Daisy.  Remind yourself of her awesomeness in Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Soccer, or any other game of your choice.  Most importantly, don’t discount Daisy as an awkward fluke from princess femininity, a strange divergence from the beauty and blondeness of Peach and Rosalina.  She’s simply her own princess with her own style.  She’s Princess Daisy.

Still not totally in love with Princess Daisy?  Who’s your favorite Mario character and why?  Leave me a comment! 🙂